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If you want to fully experience what makes America's best small town so great, you have got to grab a sandwich at B.O.B.S! Located in downtown Louisville Colorado, B.O.B.S. has been satisfying appetites and building a loyal following for many years.


Formerly know as "Bob's Sandwich Shop" we changed our name to "Bob's Diner" when we expanded our menu. However, we still pride ourselves on making the best sandwiches, in addition to great burgers, wraps, salads, paninis, pancakes and much more.

Bob's Diner

Here are some reviews that we have received:


starservice1d2aSt. Louis Burger & Sweet potato fries - gotta have 'em!

by Sleeves

Salmon sandwiches, terrific burgers, nice casual atmosphere. I go too often!!!

Pros: Great value on kids' meals


starservice1d2The Food is ALWAYS Just Darn Good

by EmilieParker

I love the wraps and the breakfasts. My husband is addicted to their turkey wrap. I can't resist their B.O.B.S salad with their spicy ranch dressing. And don't miss the green chili sauce. It's just incredible on anything.

Pros: Everything is super fresh and spiced really great.


starservice1d3AS GOOD as IN 'N OUT!!

by sandybaine

Everything I've had has been so 100% tasty, no fillers, no doughy buns, every bite = fantastic. Smothered breakfast burrito, philly sand, and believe me, the burgers are right UP THERE with In 'N Out. (I lived in CA for 22 years).


The skinny, crispy, seasoned fries are addictive.


Say that again, s l o w l y ....


I miss the milkshakes tho.

Pros: GREAT cooks, trained by the best, B.O.B.

Cons: not open 24/7.... haha


starservice1d4Awesome Breakfast and Lunch!

by xoblivion6x

Breakfast sandwhich and fried potatoes is awesome!

And Any wrap sandwhich for lunch is Great! ESPECIALLY the Hawaiian Chicken Wrap!



by Joette D

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Bob's is the place you want to go for fabulous sandwiches with fresh, nutritional ingredients. This small local business can't be beat.


Everyday: 8 am to 3 pm

Bob's Diner